Snow Tubing

A favorite family activity in the poconos

Bring your family out for a day of snow tubing fun at Jack Frost Big Boulder. Snow tubing is just like sledding, but without having to haul the sled back up the hill! Just sit back and enjoy the conveyor carpet or tow-rope lift and then the wild ride downhill! Treat the whole family to a snow tubing adventure! Sessions are 3 hours long and are at set times at both Jack Frost & Big Boulder. 


  • Big Boulder has two 600' conveyor carpets to transport snow tubers up.
  • Jack Frost has 2 cable tows.
  • Snow tuber recommended height is 42"
  • Please note that each tube holds a single rider (no children in laps)
3-HOUR TUBING SESSIONS Morning Afternoon Evening Night
Jack Frost (Friday-Sunday) 10am-1pm 1pm-4pm NA NA
Jack Frost (Friday, March 3) closed closed closed closed
Big Boulder Midweek (Monday-Friday) NA NA NA 3pm to close
Big Boulder (Thursday, January 26) 10am-9pm 10am-9pm 10am-9pm 10am-9pm
Big Boulder (Friday, March 3) 10am-10pm 10am-10pm 10am-10pm 10am-10pm
Big Boulder Weekend & Holidays 10am-1pm 1pm-4pm 4pm-7pm 7pm-9pm

As always, check the current snow reports before you come to Tube!

SNOW TUBING RATES Midweek Weekend/Holidays
3 - Hour Sessions N/A $27
All Day, All Ages $25 $47
Add Tubing to Snow Pass $10 $10
Big Boulder Sunday Night Special 4pm - 8pm (not available holiday Sundays) NA $20

Save time and fill out the JFBB snow tubing release form before visiting JFBB snow tubing. Each individual needs a completed form to snow tube, and a form for each individual must be handed in when purchasing the tickets.

Click here to download our Snow Tubing Release Form