After School Program

Big Boulder After School - Multi-Trip Program

A great way to visit us 4 times at the very low price of $25 per student! Return for your 5th visit to Big Boulder for free!
This 5-week program is designed for students in grades 3 - 12 (ages 8 and over, NO exceptions), and is available after school, from 3:00pm - 9:00pm , Monday thru Friday & Sundays after 2 pm, excludes Dec. 24, 2018 thru Jan 1, 2019, Jan. 20 -21, Feb. 17 - 18, 2019. 

All you need is a group of 15 or more and a group leader who will organize the group, make reservations and pick up all tickets in the Group Sales Office at Big Boulder.

This program allows students to visit Big Boulder once a week for 5 weeks (including the FREE return trip!) and INCLUDES your lift ticket, rental equipment and a beginner lesson on the first 2 visits for the bargain rate of $25! It is only $20 for the lift ticket only!

When is it?

Dates are available on a first come first serve basis and are offered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday. Schools may complete their visits any way that fits into their schedule...skipping weeks and on different days.

Dates are available through the end of the winter season (excluding Dec. 24, 2018 thru Jan. 1, 2019, Jan. 20 - 21, Feb. 17 - 18, 2019), so each school has over 3 months to get all their sessions completed.

If for some reason the school is closed (snow day) and unable to attend or we are closed due to bad weather, reschedule dates are always available upon request.

What about Lessons?

Lessons are included in the price for the first 2 sessions. Additional lessons may be purchased for the 3rd, 4th & 5th visits for only $5 per lesson. Those who are already proficient in the sport of skiing or boarding will need to spend about 10 minutes showing the ski school instructor they have a full grasp of how to stay in control by stopping and turning. If they pass the test, they may skip the full lesson and ski or board freely the rest of the evening.

How does it work?

The teacher or parent in charge needs to come to the Big Boulder Group Sales office and pick up and pay for all tickets that are needed that day. The school may make a deposit and keep a running account or pay at the beginning of each visit with a school check or any credit card. Some schools have the children pay as they go, by bringing the money to school each day they plan to visit. Please make only one payment per visit.

How to get started:

  • Get a group of 15 or more students together
  • Designate a group leader (must be 18 yrs or older)
  • Choose 5 days you'd like to visit keeping in mind the blackout dates. Register your planned dates with JFBB by mailing in a completed form, registering via email at, or calling 570-443-8425 extension 2070, to speak to a Group Sales Representative.
  • Print & distribute JFBB Guidelines/Release/Rental forms to all participants. One form must be filled out by each participant and chaperone. Forms must be signed by guardian if participant is under the age of 18.


As an After School Group Leader, you will also be eligible for these additional benefits:

  • Two FREE Season Passes for the Group Leader & person of their choice!
  • Free Snow Pass for every 15th paid!
  • Receive a "Group Leader Goodie Card" with 12 FREE snow passes to use anytime during the 18-19 winter season OR
  • select the Tier Option:
  • One (1) complimentary Snow Pass for every 15th paid
  • Two (2) complimentary return Snow Passes for bringing 25+ students
  • Three (3) complimentary return Snow Passes for bringing 50+ students
  • Four (4) complimentary return Snow Passes for bringing 75+ students
  • Five (5) complimentary return Snow Passes for bringing 100+ students
  • Group Leader receives a Leader Loot Savings Booklet (savings up to $100)
  • Group Bus Driver receives a $15 JFBB Bus Driver Dough (bus must be present)

Download Snow Tubing Release ion Advance to Save Time.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact Group Sales at or call 570-443-8425 ext 2070.

Parents must not interfere with the student's lessons. Parents are charged a different rate at the Group Sales Office ($20 Snow Pass/$20 Rental). Parent tickets must be purchased before 6:00 pm. JFBB has the discretion to limit your number of chaperones if we feel that your chaperone to student ratio is unacceptable. This After School program is for the children and sometimes an excess of outside chaperones takes away from their experience. We suggest a LIMIT OF 1 CHAPERONE FOR EVERY 10 Skiers. Not all chaperones have to ski because it is wise to have some inside help also. Teacher in charge skis for FREE! You will receive 1 free After School ticket for every 15th paid students.


Pizza Parties

For After School Big Boulder groups!  Please arrange in advance!

4 or more full sized plain pizza pies -- only $11.00 per pie!
2 plain slices & a small fountain beverage only $3.50 per person; $4.00 per person for pepperoni topping (minimum purchase 15 or more).