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Tell A Friend Tour

Sat, Jan 21

Time: 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Location: On Snow
The concept behind Andy Parry’s Tell a Friend Tour is pretty simple. In Andy’s own words, “the reason I want to do this is the original idea of creating something that supports the people who need to be supported in our industry.” That includes kids at East Coast hills who fly under skiing's radar and it also includes pro skiers who have to battle for recognition and support from the industry.

“This has been a thing I've wanted to do for a while, since we started Traveling Circus,” says Andy. “The reason I created it is to get people like Ross [Imburgia] to keep on skiing. You know, you're not getting paid shit to go ski. You don't have enough money to fly anywhere. Your sponsors don't give you any money to fly you anywhere.” The Tell a Friend Tour steps up where the rest of the industry won’t.

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  • 10:30am - Meet in the park
  • 3pm - Free Raffle/Pizza Party