Instructor Training Course Session 1
Join our team of instructors at Jack Frost Big Boulder. Ski with one of our certified trainers to learn the fundamentals of teaching skiing or snowboarding. March 12th and/or 13th at Jack Frost.
Daily: Mar 12 - Mar 13
10 AM - 3 PM
Jack Frost Resort
• Our goal is to provide a great educational experience while performing a careful evaluation of each candidate regarding their skiing abilities & their communication skills. Guiding Principles: • Provide a FUN, educational event to individuals who have an interest in teaching skiing. • Provide the candidates with an introduction to the concepts we use in teaching snow sports. • Select candidates who we believe will strengthen our team. • Produce candidates that understand the “what” & “why” we teach to beginners; introduction of “how” we teach beginners will be an integral part of this course.