Ari Morrone  

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 24
  • Hometown: Schwenksville, PA
  • Instagram: @arimorrone
  • Sponsors: Nikita, Ride Snowboards, Electric, Vans, Big Boulder PARK

Adam Guare

  • Skier
  • Age: 24 
  • Hometown: Quakertown, PA
  • Instagram: @adamguare
  • Sponsors:  Big Boulder PARK

Favorite part of riding for BBP? I think the best part is being able to help represent the best park on the East Coast and furthermore help reinforce what it means to "Be Boulder"

Favorite cheese steak spot? Koja Grille

Burgers or dogs? Burgers

Favorite tbar special? Anything with Buffalo Wings

Favorite trail? Love Park for the mellow booters and the flowy rail setups

Biggest influence? Parker White and Candide Thovex

Why Big Boulder Park? It has the hardest working park crew in combination with incredible vision, what's not to love? From the people to the concept, Big Boulder Park is rider-driven and unique in its construction of a welcoming environment for riders of all abilities.

Favorite food at boulder? Whatever candy Nancy has in the candy dish at her desk

Favorite trick? Mute 180

Spirit animal? Black Wolf

Worst fear? Not being able to ski is terrifying!

Thanks? Shoutout to everyone that helps Big Boulder Park remain the best park on the East Coast year after year, especially Pat Morgan and the rest of the Park Crew. Also to my Mom, who has supported me the past few years, so thanks Deb!

  Ryan Stevenson

  • Skier
  • Age: 18
  • Hometown: Washington, NJ
  • Instagram: @ryan33stevenson
  • Sponsors: Volkl, Marker, Dalbello, Under Armour, Spy, Big Boulder PARK

Joseph Mcevoy

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 20
  • Hometown: Lake Harmony, PA
  • Instagram: @joepmcevoy
  • Sponsors: Lerbi, Mervin Mid Atlantic, GNU, Bent Metal Binding Works, Flour City Distribution, Thirtytwo, Coal, Gnarly, Kraken, Crook, Lake Harmony Inn, 940 snowboards, Crab Grab,  Big Boulder PARK

Favorite part of riding for BBP? I learned to ride here. Tons of homies at boulder. Plus my back yard is pretty freaking cool.
Favorite cheese steak spot? Probably shenanigans if the boys ain’t grillin up a supreme cheese steak over at the boulder lodge.
Burgers or dogs? Deer burgers.
Favorite tbar special? Taco Tuesday.
Favorite trail? Love park has a good mix of everything and is so fun to lap.

Biggest influence? The homies I ride with. The mountain I ride at.  Lots and lots of video parts on replay.
Why Big Boulder PARK? Been riding boulder since I was 4. So lucky to have it right in my back yard. They change the features up every week if not every day. Best park ever.
Favorite food at boulder? 1 dollar taco with a sprite with no ice at the Tbar while watching planet earth.
Favorite trick? I like creative stuff. One footers are always fun. HW spins are a good time too.
Spirit animal?  Black bear (Ursus Americanus)
Worst fear? Hippies.
Thanks? Everyone that supports me. Pat, J, Dan, Justin, mike, the gang at the shop and at the lake. My family. Everyone who is involved in PPT, and all the homies who put hours into content, slurp, steltz, D and way more. Y’all know what’s up.

  Casey Arnold

  • Skier
  • Age: 23   
  • Hometown: Moscow, PA
  • Instagram: @c_arnold01
  • Sponsors:  SkiTheEast, Volkl Skis, Big Boulder PARK.

Jon Baker

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 23
  • Hometown: Henryville, PA
  • Instagram: @jawnbaker25
  • Sponsors: Zack's Taco Shack, Big Boulder PARK.

Favorite part of riding for BBP? The park atmosphere
Favorite cheese steak spot? Delassandros
Burgers or dogs? Deer burgers with bacon
Favorite tbar special? Sweet chili Wang gang
Favorite trail? Love Park
Biggest influence? OJO
Why Big Boulder PARK? #2 in the books #1 in our hearts
Favorite food at boulder? Could be the burritos, could be the tots
Favorite trick? Front board pretzel
Spirit animal? The Moose
Worst fear? T-bar tabs
Thanks? Everybody who has ever hot lapped with me, Zack’s Tacos, Park Crew, Snowmakers, and Pat Morgan


  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 27
  • Hometown: Zionsville, PA
  • Instagram: @tylersmengel
  • Sponsors: Zoop Crew, Capita, Union, Coal, ThirtyTwo, Candy Grind, JahFeelZ Big Boulder PARK.

Wes HeffernAn

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 21
  • Hometown: Pennsburg, PA
  • Instagram: @wesheffernan
  • Sponsors: Zoop Crew, JahFeelZ, Flux Bindings, Niche Snowboards, Check the Feed, Big Boulder PARK

Mark Gama

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 24
  • Hometown: Trappe, PA
  • Instagram: @mark_gama
  • Sponsors: Capita Snowboards, Union Bindings, ThirtyTwo Boots/Outerwear, Coal Headwear, JahFeelZ, Flourcity Distribution, Big Boulder PARK

Favorite part of riding for BBP? Boulder is always on point and so much fun. Being part of something where everyone is always gassing each other up, smiling and having a good time is so tite!    
Favorite cheese steak spot? I’m down with anything but Geno’s. Some of the best cheesesteaks I’ve had are from
corner stores and street vendors.
Burgers or dogs? Burgers all day.
Favorite tbar special?  WingZ
Favorite trail?  Love Park
Biggest influence? All my homies, No doubt.
Why Big Boulder PARK?  Because Boulder GVNG
 Favorite food at boulder?   T Bar Wings
Favorite trick?   Backlip
Spirit animal?     Idk Lion? LoL
Worst fear?     Heights, no bueno.
Thanks?   Huge Thanks to Pat Morgan, The Whole Boulder Park Crew, SlupeeZ, Filmer Dan, & All The Homies! Much Love To Thirtytwo, Capita, Union, FlourCity, C3, & Shoreline of Tahoe For Always Hookin It Up!

Chris Fredette

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 30
  • Hometown: Bellows Falls, VT
  • Instagram: @mustachegutter
  • Sponsors: Big Boulder PARK

LJ Henriquez  

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 10
  • Hometown: Little Falls, NJ
  • Instagram: @lj_henriquez
  • Sponsors:  Vans, Oakley, Salomon, Skullcandy, Check the feed, Triple 8, Gravy Sprayer, Big Boulder PARK

Miles Fallon

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 17
  • Hometown: Island Heights, NJ
  • Instagram: @miles_falcon
  • Sponsors: Capita, Volcom Snow, Union Binding, Crab Grab, Skull Candy, Smith Optics, Gravy Sprayer, Coal Headwear, Adidas Snowboarding, SoySauceNation, Big Boulder Park

Justin Ott

  • Skier
  • Age: 23
  • Hometown: Doylestown, PA
  • Instagram: @jottoskrt
  • Sponsors: Gilson Skis, Big Boulder PARK.

Liam Doyle

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 22
  • Hometown: Seisholtzville, PA
  • Instagram: @_liamfdoyle
  • Sponsors: Zoop Crew, JahFeelZ, Flour City Distributions, Capita, Union, ThirtyTwo, Coal, Funtastic Skate & Snow, Sandbox, Big Boulder PARK

jon koch

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 25
  • Hometown: Ceder Grove, NJ
  • Instagram: @firekoch
  • Sponsors: Flour City Distributions, Capita, Union, ThirtyTwo, Coal, Vintage Sponsor, Dang Shades, Big Boulder PARK

Favorite part of riding for BBP? Always running into someone to board with (never have to make plans)

Favorite cheese steak spot? Jim's Steaks South St.

Burgers or dogs? It would be weird to keep a burger as a pet..

Favorite tbar special? the free water

Favorite trail? Freedom 

Biggest influence? Individuality

Why Big Boulder PARK?  #1 on the East Coast in MY eyes

Favorite food at boulder? Cheese Balls

Favorite trick? Nosepress

Spirit animal? Arttic Wolf 

Worst fear? Big crowds

Thanks? Shoutout Pat Morgan, Andy Conte, Dan Broadwell, Matt Roberge, Chris Beresford, Shawn Kalatucka, and Everyone slinging boxes in the C3 warehouse! Don't know where I would be without any of y'all

Alex Caccamo

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 23
  • Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
  • Instagram: @alxcac
  • Sponsors: Burton Snowboards, Dang Shades, Big Boulder PARK

Cody Gushlaw

  • Skier
  • Age: 22
  • Hometown: Blakeslee, PA
  • Instagram: @notevenboosted
  • Sponsors: Big Boulder PARK

Favorite part of riding for BBP?  Everyone is super friendly and always pushes each other to do better
Favorite cheese steak spot?  Boulder Park Lodge
Burgers or dogs?  Burgers all day
Favorite TBar special?  Yuengling
Favorite trail?  Love park
Biggest influence?  Casey Arnold
Why Big Boulder PARK?  Home mountain and such a good place to progress.
Favorite food at boulder? Mac and Cheese bites
Favorite trick?  Switch Backflip
Spirit animal?   Sea Turtle
Worst fear? Getting set back from another injury
Thanks? Huge thanks to my parents, my friends, and my big boulder park family

Jenny Christman

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 30
  • Hometown: Allentown, PA
  • Instagram: @jennerrrrs
  • Sponsors: Sheshreds, Big Boulder PARK

Favorite part of riding for BBP? Being respected as a strong female presence in the park and having the support for progressive female snowboarding.
Favorite cheese steak spot? OBX Philly Cheesesteaks and Subs in Corolla, NC. The one time a year I eat a whiz-wit, haha.
Burgers or dogs? Yocco’s hot dogs (if you know, you know)
Favorite tbar special? Flatbread pizza
Favorite trail? Love ❤️
Biggest influence? My hubby. He guides me, inspires me and reminds me to stay humble and keep snowboarding fun.
Why Big Boulder PARK? THE best parks, hands down. The builds are creative and designed with progression in mind and you can fully trust the features and the lips because they’re exceptionally built. But mostly - the community! Everyone who rides here shares the same love and passion for winter sports and the level of riding here is unparalleled. I’m so inspired every time I get out on the hill.
Favorite food at boulder? I usually pack my own healthy snacks buuuuuut if I’m feeling wild and crazy, I’m a sucker for french fries
Favorite trick? BS 360
Spirit animal? I think a butterfly. Being able to adapt though cycles of change and growth while recreating yourself and doing so gracefully is something I strive for daily.
Worst fear? Well, it was coming up short on a landing and tearing my ACL but I faced that fear already... so I’ll go with losing my family and friends. That and the Mothman from Mothman Prophecies (freakin’ terrifying!)
Thanks? Jared, my hubby, for his patience while filming and always making me laugh
My friends, for inspiration and making snowboarding that much more fun,
Pat Morgan and the whole family at BBP for supporting female riders,
Shawn K for lugging his suitcase around and always getting the shot,
And SheShredsCo for connecting and helping inspire growth in the female
snowboarding community.

Shane Weis

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 16
  • Hometown: Greeley, PA
  • Instagram: @rider_7
  • Sponsors: Rome Snowboards, Big Boulder PARK

Favorite part of riding for BBP? Being able to rep boulder and ride with a bunch of homies who all push each other while having a blast at the same time!

Favorite cheese steak spot? Deli Central

Burgers or dogs? Bacon?

Favorite tbar special? Tacos duh

Favorite trail? Freedom, rails are fun. Free WiFi on the lift helps too

Biggest influence? My brother

Why Big Boulder Park?. #1, The people's park. Plus all the people who run, work, and ride at boulder!

Favorite food at boulder? Mozzarella sticks with marinara

Favorite trick? Front blunt

Spirit animal? Turtle

Worst fear?

Thanks? Big thanks to Pat, Sean, Slurp, Dan, and Romesnowboards

Abby Ronca

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 13
  • Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
  • Instagram: @abbyronca
  • Sponsors: Flour City Distributions, Capita, Union, ThirtyTwo, Crab Grab, Coal, Out of Bounds, Big Boulder PARK

Favorite part of riding for BBP?  The parks and getting to ride with all my friends!
Favorite cheese steak spot? Marco’s
Burgers or dogs?  Veggie burger
Favorite tbar special?  Wings
Favorite trail?  You can always find me lapping love
Go to trick?  Rails- boardslide jumps- Indy grab
Biggest influence?  Jill Perkins, Jess Kimura, and Melisa Ritano
Why Big Boulder PARK?   Why not?
Favorite food at boulder?  French fries
Favorite trick?  There’s too many
Spirit animal?   Wolf
Worst fear? Snapping turtles
Thanks? Thank you Pat Morgan for making this all possible. Shawn Kalatucka for taking pictures all day every day. Mom and dad for taking me everywhere. And anyone else who makes snowboarding possible!

Mikey Kim

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 21
  • Hometown: North Wales, PA
  • Instagram: @_mikeykim
  • Sponsors: Soy Sauce Nation, Ride Snowboards, JahFeelZ, Zoop Crew, Lerbi, Check the Feed, Big Boulder PARK

Favorite part of riding for BBP?  Being able to ride with the homies
Favorite cheese steak spot? Steve Steaks
Burgers or dogs? Burgers
Favorite tbar special?  Wing night Duh
Favorite trail?  Freedom
Biggest influence? Jake Colman
Why Big Boulder PARK?  Big Boulder Park has the sickest set ups and they care about what we want
Favorite food at boulder? Wings
Favorite trick?  Back 3 on
Spirit animal?  Panda
Worst fear? Failure, disappointment
Thanks? Thanks to all my sponsors <3

Jonny Male

  • Snowboarder
  • Age: 16
  • Hometown: Stroudsburg, PA
  • Instagram: @scroopy.nooopers
  • Sponsors: The BOIS, Lerbi, Big Boulder PARK